Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Removal is a quick and cost effective technique for removing minor dings and dents from your car. With Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) techniques our specialist can remove any dings and dents your vehicle may have sustained without the need for paintwork as the name suggests.Traditionally, dings and dents would have been removed from panel work with costly time consuming traditional car body repair methods that required filler work and painting, or worse still an expensive complete panel replacement. Thankfully now our Car-Wizard specialist through PDR techniques can remove these small dings and dents by using a method that ‘massages’ the dents out of the damaged area from behind the panel, restoring it so it appears as good as new.

star Convenient same day service
star Mobile or drop off service
star Preserves the integrity of original paintwork, no filler or painting required
star Maintains your vehicles appearance and resale value

This technique has been perfected by our specialists over a number of years but is only appropriate as a repair technique for minor dings and dents where the paintwork has not been broken, such as door dings, stone dents, and trolley dents.

Not all repairs are suited for Paintless Dent Removal techniques as a number of factors can play a part in whether the dent can be removed successfully without the need for paintwork such as location, access, pressure traps and depth. Our trained specialists can study the dent and work out the best car dent removal technique and avoid the need for paintwork. As long as the paint is not broken, and access to the dent is possible then it’s highly likely that the Paintless Dent Removal techniques can be undertaken.

Restoring dings and dents this way is the fastest and most cost efficient method of removing dents from your vehicle, as it eliminates the need for costly traditional car body repair methods of filling and painting. In fact, this method of paintless dent repair can generally be completed within a few hours, ultimately saving you time and money whilst preserving the integrity of your original factory paintwork, without the need to be without your vehicle for days at a time.

Although Paintless Dent Repair has been around for a number of years now it is still fairly unfamiliar with car owners. However, because of it’s cost efficient benefits it is growing in popularity rapidly. Our car dent repair services are available from both our fully equipped mobile vans or at our static CarCare premises at your convenience.

All work undertaken from our Car-Wizard specialists is covered with a lifetime guarantee.

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