Economy ECU Remap

How much can an economy ECU tuning really save you?

Your decision to remap your vehicle will be self-funded from the moment you start driving with our Economy ECU remap. Economy ECU tuning is proven to save you up to 15% on fuel costs. From the factory, your vehicle has been configured to run at less than its optimum efficiency and power. All manufactures choose to limit the power and efficiency to the lowest common denominator in the markets in which they sell. They will make allowances for poor fuel quality, meeting local emission targets and, extreme climates and environment conditions in other continents.

Thankfully, in the UK, we have fairly stable climate conditions, along with good quality fuel and a clean environment allowing us to optimise your vehicles ECU by removing the manufactures limitations they have set from the factory. We upgrade the perimeters specific to this country. You’ll immediately see a massive improvement in both the feel and drive-ability of your car along with significant gains in fuel consumption. Your engine will feel more flexible, more responsive to the throttle, smoother with more progressive power delivery and, we haven’t even discussed the incredible satisfaction you’ll feel knowing that the steps you have taken have lowered your emissions and reduced your carbon footprint.

So, why choose to have the manufacturer restrict your driving experience and pay more for fuel with less power when you can have the UK’s leading vehicle tuning company provide you with a tailor-made, upgraded, and bespoke service that delivers the results you want. All backed by a lifetime warranty, 12 month mechanical breakdown warranty and, 30 day money back guarantee.

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