Performance ECU Remap

Unleash your vehicles true potential and massively increase your BHP and torque by up to 35%!!!

Manufacturers charge thousands for various upgraded engine performance options from the factory. In most cases, it’s the very same engine regardless of the performance, it’s just been tuned and enhanced far beyond your under-performing engine. Thankfully, Car-Wizard can offer a cost effective solution whilst delivering the increased performance you desire without the need to upgrade your vehicle.

Our performance ECU Remap is by far the most popular remap we carry out. Most car enthusiasts are looking for an improved exhilarating driving experience. We can remap your engine thus delivering extra torque and deliver an upgraded sports performance. You will benefit from better throttle response and smoother acceleration with extra power delivered faster and harder. The performance ECU Remap will maximise the standard of the vehicle you drive to its true potential. Regardless of your vehicles current BHP or whether its diesel or petrol, we can dramatically enhance your driving experience with smoother power curves delivering a more satisfying delivery of performance, whilst ensuring it stays well within safe limits.

If you are looking for crisper acceleration and a massive increase in BHP and Torque, then the performance ECU Remap is the one for you. Once the excitement of the extra torque has worn off and your driving settles, you should also see some very favourable fuel cost savings of around a minimum of 5%.

We will put together a bespoke performance remap based around your individual vehicles age, service history, mileage and any modifications it’s had whilst considering any further requirements. All files are unique and backed by a life time warranty, 12 month mechanical breakdown warranty and, a 30 day money back guarantee.

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