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Main Dealer Car Body Shop vs SMART Repairs

For those of you that are not familiar with SMART Repairs, it stands for small and medium repair technology. It’s just another technical word for car body shop repairs keeping things simple, and it’s all much of the same. Many main dealer car body shops will present themselves as a far superior service. They will lead you to believe that ‘only’ they have the skill set to restore your vehicle to a flawless factory finish. This could not be further from the truth.

From time to time we will find ourselves in a situation where we are competing against main dealer car body shops. We may have quoted for some minor car body repairs to then find the customer has been told by the main dealer body shop that only they are qualified to carry out the repair. Even worse they may even go as far as to say it requires a new panel, along with many other unnecessary parts running up a completely exaggerated price. They’ll paint the picture (no pun intended) that in order to maintain the vehicles factory warranty only they can carry out the repairs. In some cases, they’ll plant seeds of doubt stating only they can match the colour and only they are approved, repairers. All of this is outright manipulation.

The reason they do this is to escalate the price to a level that is beyond your insurance excess pushing you through insurance. By pushing the repair through insurance they can literally write their own cheque within reason, manipulating you and insurance companies along the way and getting an easier repair for themselves. In the process, they put themselves on a pedestal but will want several days for a repair that in reality, we could complete in a matter of hours on your doorstep. At Car-Wizard, we come from the mindset of repair not replace. That’s not to say we don’t have to the skills to replace, we have more than enough resources and skills to carry out replacement panels should this be necessary. In fact, many of our technicians have come from insurance approved car body shops or a restoration background. We work to provide you with a cost-effective solution and operate with a lot more integrity. We stand behind this so much we would be more than happy for you to take any of our repairs to these main dealer body shops and have them inspect our work. Repairs they will have told you categorically could not be repaired.

What they are doing could be considered borderline fraud, and if you’re not in the trade it would be hard to believe, but it’s not uncommon for many of these big car body shops to lose big insurance contracts when caught out. Time and time again, we will see big long-winded quotes with many unnecessary listed parts. Of course, with the replaced parts, it requires unnecessary blending into adjacent panels further escalating the price. It’s this approach that is sending everyone’s insurance premiums through the roof. Not to mention the loss of no claims bonus when you are forced to make an unnecessary claim.

All of this aside referring back to their comments about having superior skills than companies like ourselves, this is where we would like to reiterate we only employ car body repair technicians that have an extensive proven track record in the industry. Some of our technicians are even more qualified than the main dealer employees themselves. This is reflected in how we pay our technicians. To date at the time of writing this article, the average hourly rate in main dealer body shops is £15 an hour. Here at Car-Wizard, our mobile technicians work on a profit share basis. Over the week they will earn double what these main dealer body shops are paying. Regardless of where you go for your repair, it’ll only be as good as the individual carrying out the repair. In this scenario, which technician do you think will appreciate their job more and be taking more pride in their work…?

Many small businesses are underestimated against main dealer car body shops, and there is absolutely no reason for it. We are actually paying our staff more than what they can achieve, and this is despite them charging you a premium. This aside we are a much closer-knit business, our business thrives and survives on its reputation. In main dealer car body shops, you’re just another car in a queue working like a production line. The quality really isn’t what you would be led to believe. For us it’s personal. You’ll get to speak with us every step of the way as we complete the repair in front of your very eyes. A repair they stated only they could repair, or worse couldn’t be repaired at all.

It’s not in our interest to take on a repair unless it’s going to be 100% flawless, we are not desperate for work. If we say it can be repaired, it really can and to the exact same standard as the day, it left the factory. If you ever hear us tell you it can’t be repaired, rest assured no one anywhere will be repairing it and will happily source replacement parts, but only after a repair is completely unachievable.

Not all SMART Repair services work with the same integrity or to the same standards we set. There are many mobile car body repair services that have given the industry a bad name, many pop up with no qualifications or have anywhere near the same level of experience we do, so do your due diligence before committing to any car body repair service. Hopefully, we have gone some way to building some trust in the service we provide. All repairs undertaken at Car-Wizard are covered with a lifetime guarantee. We only use the highest quality products to allow a durable factory finish.

If you’d like to find out more about any of our car body repair, bumper scuffs repairs, paint scratch repairs or alloy wheel repair services that Car-Wizard can offer you, please get in touch with our team, and we’d be happy to advise you. We cover the Bath, Bristol and Chippenham areas.

Just wanted to say many thanks for the work you did on my car today, really pleased with it, you did a really good job, much appreciated.

Anne Daniel, Bath

Hi Oliver
Just wanted to say how pleased we are with the repair that Mike has done this afternoon – amazing! It looks like new. Please could you pass on our thanks to him. My daughter had only been driving for two weeks when she scuffed her new car, and she was so upset at the time – she is delighted now! Many thanks again.

Sarah Kraeter, Wedmore

Having used Car-Wizard on a number of occasions over the years on my personal vehicles as well as stock vehicles at Volkswagen, I can safely say the services of Car-Wizard are second to none. The pride in their workmanship is equally matched with their efficient, friendly customer service.

Karl Allmond, Sales Representative, Volkswagen Bath

We have been using Car-Wizard for a number of years, mostly for wheel refurbs and they have always provided a good, reliable service whilst taking pride in their work.

Dan Rogers, Sales Controller, Dan Harfords Vauxhall

For several years the expertise of Car-Wizard and, Oliver in particular, have been invaluable to myself and my staff at Belgrave Asset Management. The level of professionalism and attention to detail is commendable and the price compared to that of a dealership is astonishing! I would not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends.

Michael Smith, Managing Director, Belgrave Asset Management

Brilliant job by Sean, well pleased, couldn’t be happier.

Simon Marks, Bath