Headlight Restoration

Car-Wizard is now pleased to offer headlight restoration service. As people are keeping their cars longer, oxidation of commonly used plastic headlight lenses is an increasing problem for drivers. Oxidation creates a haze that’s not only unsightly but can also significantly reduce headlight illumination, creating a safety hazard. And because hazing occurs over time, drivers might not be aware or notice the creeping dangers of faded headlights. Vehicles that are parked outside all day in the sun are much more likely to have the headlights haze and become cloudy due to the high levels of UV exposure. Driving with faded, dim headlights is not only dangerous, it can seriously deteriorate the appearance of your vehicle and even lead to an MOT failure. Replacing the lenses can be costly and an unnecessary expense. Thankfully, using our unique restoration system, Car-Wizard can professionally restore your vehicles headlights to their once new factory condition, saving you money on expensive replacements, whilst improving visibility and increasing your cars resale value.

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